To make the EVP’s a little easier to locate if there is a name I have put the name first, and the message later, so for instance one may “say x here” or it “may be here is x”.  This is, the only way I can present alphabetically.  In time I will take out the messages that do not have names with them and have them as a separate category.  For instance “I love you” is not attached to any name so would be a stand alone message.  As I am only in the early days of these, I may miss some material from the original, but the original can always be referred to at a later date as necessary.

These EVP’s are done through my computer.  The EVP’s are unenhanced.   There are some excellent books available on this phenomenon which I will post in due course.

The EVP’s here are just a small number that I have available at this time.  As I analyse the data, I will post, so best to keep an eye on the site.  If you notice any errors or think the EVP says something else, then please contact me.   You may find it much easier to hear by using headphones.  Enjoy.


aaron can do that


adam my names adam

my names Adam




Bobbie again

Bobbie can have a nap

We love you

Carson or Tyson

Don’t go yet.

Dont go yet





Have a good night

have a good night

He doesn’t communicate a lot yet.

His bodies around yet.

I love you

John I will go by


KC or Kasey


Neville again

ooh yeah

Paul what time

Pauline I’m Pauline

People meant this


We dance together

well we have to ?? go-gay now

Zac theres Zac here





One thought on “EVP’s

  1. The reality contained within the selection of EVP’S presented herein is solid and convincing. The pain and wonder invested by Karyn in her quest to find a medium for Emma and herself to commune will shine the light of hope for many seeking ongoing relationship with absent loved ones.


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