About Me

I am a mother to an only child who passed from her earth life at 15 years of age after a tremendously brave and courageous battle with cancer. My daughter now resides in spirit, and I am appreciative of our continuing connection.

I had my daughter late in life at 41.  I was blessed with 15 wonderful years of fun and love and one day she and I will be reunited and all I can say is ‘what a day that will be’.

I have a Bachelor Social Work, a Bachelor Business, post graduate qualifications in Clinical Rehabilitation, Past Life Regression Therapist, Cartomancer, communicator with those in Spirit and a writer. I love love love learning, reading and travel.

I have a goal to set up a service to help parents connect with their child in the afterlife.

Interests are afterlife communication.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. God bless your work Karyn, friendly Spirituality thanks you and informs you that all consciential efforts are taken into account in the expansion of consciousness, in the dissemination of transcommunication and in the contacts themselves when one is connected to cosmic love. Greetings. Sergio Ferreira. Brazil


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