EVP’s 24-07-2016

The recording that I have been working on most of today was made on the 24-07-2016.  It has not been the easiest of recordings to analyse.  Primarily the recording was of very few people and mostly female in conversations and some words were difficult to recognize.  As I have done in previous posts I have put the name first if there is a name.  The recordings are often better heard through headphones.

ask our angel can he pick one

bob says there’s a message in ekbar on Bob Taylor

Bobbies here now he’s behind you, Bobs (unintelligable) for it

Bridie, the house is near

Carol Botcher you haven’t called Zac is that whats happened

few people can comprehend that (unintelligible) technology (unintelligible) equipment and (unintelligible) function

Found an apple today

humans can’t create technology

I leave my son Trevon behind

I’ll get my (map) and have a look

I’m confident people

I’m sure to find out Paul and catch up with him

Look at me talk on this

Meta, I am

Michael (unintelligible)

Neville and Bobby


Sioban van Planten, I’m

Sioban van Planten I’m from Chadua (or something that sounds like that)

something that humans can create

sometimes you talk and think a lot which is true

they call me big (Giraffe) and make the plans to pick me up from the (med) section

Thomas out fishing

true talking to him does not cancel time out

you’ve got something special now through this (port hole) look at me talk

Zac’s back on track at the moment

Zac, people are born





Talking positively to a bereaved parent

One of the most difficult conversations that one can have is with a bereaved parent.  Some people find it so difficult to do that they will cross the road rather than talk to you and upset you.  Do not think that we did not notice it because we did.


As I was on the internet today I found a piece of writing that struck me as a positive way to approach this uncomfortable situation.  Unfortunately, the author is unknown.  I made enquiries but drew a blank as to whom it may be.  So I am posting it here and if the author or someone who recognises its genesis, please let me know so that I can amend the “author unknown” status.

for blog

So now you know how to gift a bereaved parent.  At all times it pays to remember we were given two ears and one mouth and they really be used in that proportion.

Communicating with a parent who has experienced a child/ren passing.


Humans have been fascinated and yet fearful of the word death since time immemorial.    It has been a fascinating area of research that I have been doing the past two years in my search for meaning to my daughter’s death.  It was not until I buried the WHY word that I began to grieve progressively and dare I say in a more healthy way.  Everyone grieves differently, but the loss of a child is by far the most devastating loss of all losses.  Many people approach those whose child/ren have passed with a statement that damages further.  Statements like “Oh I know how you feel, my mother/father/husband/wife died x days/months ago” – wrong:  nothing, and I will repeat that for added emphasis, nothing compares to grieving a child.


Every single parent who experiences this pain does so in a manner that is unique.  No two people grieve in the same way or manner.  It is a very odd thing indeed when we have a word for a woman who has had a partner die – widow when a man loses his partner he becomes a widower and when children are without their parents they are called orphans, but there is no word for the mother and father whose child dies.  I wonder why.


Emma’s death at times put me into surreal positions of wondering who was I now to be calling myself a mother.   The implication of mother signifies that your offspring are accounted for somewhere among the living.  It was certainly one of the oddest sensations that I endured, the complete loss of my role as a mother, a role that filled me with pleasure and pride.


Equally hard are some of the inane statements made to us: statements like God needed another angel, she/he is at peace now, oh well at least you have x number of other children.  So many foolish statements are made that often the person most in need of empathy ends up a mess.  Another one is time heals, or you need to get on with life and stop dwelling on the past or your child would not want you to do, be like this.  The same applies to be strong or turn to God he will help you.   Not one of these is validating for the griever. Indeed they all hurt us more.  Depending upon the circumstances individual statements about the environment are made.  In my situation, I was told by a “healer” that if my daughter had thought positively, she would not have got cancer, and by the same person, she could have used her mind to get well.  Really!  Other similar statements were oh x, or y cures cancer did she do that.  Now people get real, don’t you think that the oncologists and parents would have been all over it,  about this so-called miracle  and often expensive wonder drink/pill/thought.


One thing that many people forget is that we have two ears and one mouth and ought to be used in that proportion.  What a grieving person needs the most is to be listened to, to be valued, to be allowed to tell their stories over and over again.   People often say I don’t know what to say, and that is okay because no words will be the right ones so it is better, to be honest, and say you do not know what it is like, I can only imagine,  I cannot know.  We who are grieving know that you do not know because unless you have been there, no-one can know the pain, the helplessness, the utter desolation that you feel especially in that first couple of years.


My grief started with a state of catatonia, where one does not talk, is not aware of surroundings, etc.  In other words a total break from reality.  For the first two years, I lived in a fog-like atmosphere.  This year has been the best and the worst regarding my grieving.  It is still raw, but I am not so much at the mercy of my emotions as I was.  Yes, time does soften the edges, but it will never heal my heart.

A terrific little book that is worth downloading if you need to hear what works best for us is below.





To make the EVP’s a little easier to locate if there is a name I have put the name first, and the message later, so for instance one may “say x here” or it “may be here is x”.  This is, the only way I can present alphabetically.  In time I will take out the messages that do not have names with them and have them as a separate category.  For instance “I love you” is not attached to any name so would be a stand alone message.  As I am only in the early days of these, I may miss some material from the original, but the original can always be referred to at a later date as necessary.

These EVP’s are done through my computer.  The EVP’s are unenhanced.   There are some excellent books available on this phenomenon which I will post in due course.

The EVP’s here are just a small number that I have available at this time.  As I analyse the data, I will post, so best to keep an eye on the site.  If you notice any errors or think the EVP says something else, then please contact me.   You may find it much easier to hear by using headphones.  Enjoy.


aaron can do that


adam my names adam

my names Adam




Bobbie again

Bobbie can have a nap

We love you

Carson or Tyson

Don’t go yet.

Dont go yet





Have a good night

have a good night

He doesn’t communicate a lot yet.

His bodies around yet.

I love you

John I will go by


KC or Kasey


Neville again

ooh yeah

Paul what time

Pauline I’m Pauline

People meant this


We dance together

well we have to ?? go-gay now

Zac theres Zac here






One of the first things that I was introduced to after Emma crossed over were orbs.  I had never heard of them nor had I been aware of them in photographs.  On looking back over photographs that were taken before her passing, there were orbs.  Since her passing orbs have fascinated me.   To my knowledge, we still do not have a definitive explanation for them.  The sceptics say it is dust, moisture and a host of other things through to those who claim they know exactly what they are.  I do not take either argument as a defining one.  What I do know is that there have been some excellent books written that have approached the subject in as scientific a manner as is possible at this time, and it is to them I would refer the reader.  From my personal experience, they are clearly intelligent, or intelligence is behind them.  Whether they are spirits or spirit messages is not in my mind a serious debate.  Why do I say they are intelligent?    It is because when one is photographing them when one “feels’ them as I do, then I may ask them to be in the photo or not as the case may be, and they oblige.  I am also aware of when they are around now and when they are not.  In times of doubt I will often go out and photograph the orbs, they are uplifting to me in such times.

The best books that I can recommend are “The Orb Project” Michael Ledwith & Klaus Heinemann, “Beyond Photography” Katie Hall & John Pickering, “Orbs and Beyond” also by Katie Hall and John Pickering, and “Orbs Their Mission and Messages of Hope“. Some other authors have written about orbs, but I consider these books to be classic and seriously authoritative.

Below are some of the orbs that I have photographed.  I do have a photo of an orb on my butt as I was bending over, now don’t tell me a certain teen didn’t have something to do with that one.  The golden orb is a frequent orb in my collection of thousands of photos of orbs.064


Home page

Emma going to RMBcropI started this blog as a memorial to my only child, my daughter Emma who passed from this world at 15 years of age.   I also wanted a place to record a part of my journey that has been very spiritual.  An exploration that I would not have had had Emma not gained her wings.   I have learnt so much about the spirit world and myself since that horrific day that I held my dying child in my arms.  I have been introduced to many new things and tried many, many things in my quest to understand why such an incredible young person who was very fit, very active in many sports, excelled academically and was so respected in our community could one day be here and the next gone. A young person who was truly inspirational, who touched so many people with her “old head” and forever smile.   There is so much I could say about her, but this will do for an introduction.

One of the things that I have learnt is how to communicate with those in spirit and also to know that they still communicate with us.  This knowledge is so powerful to understand and accept that our loved ones who have passed have only changed addresses.  They are much closer than we realise.

I would never wish anyone to have to bury their child to learn what I have had to.  I hope to share with you some things that let us know that the spirit world truly exists and is closer than you realise.  Never stop talking to your loved ones because they can hear you, and they love you just as much as they did while in their earth body.

I hope you enjoy my blog.