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Emma going to RMBcropI started this blog as a memorial to my only child, my daughter Emma who passed from this world at 15 years of age.   I also wanted a place to record a part of my journey that has been very spiritual.  An exploration that I would not have had had Emma not gained her wings.   I have learnt so much about the spirit world and myself since that horrific day that I held my dying child in my arms.  I have been introduced to many new things and tried many, many things in my quest to understand why such an incredible young person who was very fit, very active in many sports, excelled academically and was so respected in our community could one day be here and the next gone. A young person who was truly inspirational, who touched so many people with her “old head” and forever smile.   There is so much I could say about her, but this will do for an introduction.

One of the things that I have learnt is how to communicate with those in spirit and also to know that they still communicate with us.  This knowledge is so powerful to understand and accept that our loved ones who have passed have only changed addresses.  They are much closer than we realise.

I would never wish anyone to have to bury their child to learn what I have had to.  I hope to share with you some things that let us know that the spirit world truly exists and is closer than you realise.  Never stop talking to your loved ones because they can hear you, and they love you just as much as they did while in their earth body.

I hope you enjoy my blog.



8 thoughts on “Home page

  1. I am overwhelmed with the love which is shared on this beautiful home page: Emma remains so closely with us and guiding us to remain forever learning how to live with excellence of intent, one to another.


  2. Beautiful words. Thank you. I pray aND look everyday to see signs or hear something. I will be here forever reating you’re great words. Love to you. Sue zahn

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  3. What a beautiful intro Karyn, so nice to hear about Emma, and you are so right, never stop speaking to your loved ones in the spiritworld, as they are hearing us speak to them.


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