Spiritual Philosophy Discussion Series: Introduction

The Search For Life After Death

Spiritual philosophy is wisdom about the nature and meaning of reality attributed to sources outside our five earthly senses. Prophetic dreams, channeling, ecstatic visions, oracles, mediumship, and religious prophets have been vehicles of spiritual insight since the dawn of recorded history. Today, materialism has a strong hold over our worldview, especially in the west, and therefore many people consider only information gained through our terrestrial senses to be dependable. In the long stretch of human history, however, this way of thinking is an anomaly. Most great civilizations were built during times when messages from the gods received through special oracles or seers – people who today we would consider to have the gift of mediumship or strong psychic senses – were elevated to special status in society for their ability to guide and inspire both the mighty and the meek.

Seeking both a personal spiritual connection with ‘source’ and revering…

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