A Poem from the Baby Angels


To all the mums out there who’s little ones have gained their Angel wings.

Don’t lie there and cry mammy,
To see this hurts us too.
We like to hear your laughter,
And see that amazing smile you do.
We often come and see you as you drift off into sleep,
We never left your side mammy,
Close your eyes and do not weep.

We know you miss us mammy,
but please do not be sad.
We have our fluffy angel wings,
and up here is not so bad.
We visit you quite often, to see if you’re alright,
we hear you say you love us and hear you say goodnight.

We will meet you again mammy,
You will hold us once again.
We will have eternity together,
Our time won’t ever have to end.

Until then rest easy mammy,
We will take the bad dreams away.
We are in your heart forever,
And that’s where we will always stay.

So if you ever need us,
Know that we’re not that far.
We are right there watching you dreaming,
We just do it from afar.

This poem is writing by me as I lay there in tears wishing I could hold my 2 baby angels in my arms last night. One of my angels got his wings at 4 days old, my other angel gained his wings before he was born at week 37 of my pregnancy.

My heart goes out to you all who lost their babies too soon, no parent should have to feel such agony in their hearts. Know you aren’t alone at this awful time. Please don’t suffer in silence doing so may cause severe depression. you don’t have to be stong all the time, its ok to cry.

Stay strong mum’s,

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