Bringing the spirit world into the open

I have found a fantastic site that is doing an incredible job in bringing spirit into the open and making information freely available for all.  The mission of this organisation is to:  Advance Knowledge of Life After Death, Research & Development of Communication with Spirit, Preserve History, Provide Inspiration, Promote Teamwork, and Build a Network.   The organisation is IDigitalMedium and can be found on this link:

As a grieving mother, I have spent thousands of dollars attempting to get “messages” from my daughter, and there was more than one person happy to relieve me of my money especially those early dark days of mad grief.  At IDigitalMedium there is just so much information for free I just had to share, and I wished I had known about earlier.  One page that I am like a kid in the lolly shop is the books page.   Amazing people have put up books that are helpful, many have led to books that are free, so many aspects of spirit life I still have not got to the bottom of the first list.  Here is a link to that page:

However the next close second oh okay, sometimes I go here first is the page of websites. On this page is a list of websites all with some link to the spirit in some way.   Some are historical, some are about research happening now, some help us to help ourselves to begin our communication with our children, research from yesterday.  Honestly a plethora of information I cannot begin to tell you how much there is.  The link to that page is here:

IDigitalMedium has a project happening at the moment that I will tell you about.  They are coordinating a global thank you effort for Mr Bacci.  I first heard of and watched Mr Bacci when I began looking at how to communicate with spirit.  Mr Bacci is now an elderly man and no longer is working due to ill health, but for decades and decades from a humble, simple room filled with grieving people he would tweak his old valve radio and bring through the voices of spirit.  In all that time he did not charge.  He has been studied, watched by researchers and cynics,  and no one can claim any issue with what he does.  He is truly a pioneer.  How many times do you mean to say thanks to someone but put it off and say oh I will do it next time I see her, or want to say something but that time never comes.  This is an opportunity to thank a man who has been selfless in his service to grieving people, and I was proud and privileged to be able to participate because he showed to me that it can be done.  Details of Mr Bacci and his work and some films can be found here:

3 thoughts on “Bringing the spirit world into the open

  1. Karyn I do not feel the need for proof, my thoughts on the after life are based in my deep faith. But I have been blessed to have been allowed to speak with my son who I lost five years ago. The most significant thing he said was he was happy. That is all I needed. I have absolute certainty in the afterlife as I did before Paul died. I no longer feel the need to pull him back to this world, setting him free was my gift to him


    1. Hello, Elizabeth, thank you for your comment, very appreciated. I am so jubilant for you to have sound knowledge of the afterlife that allows you to understand your Paul lives on and has his life in the afterlife. That knowledge and the ability to communicate with one’s loved ones who have transitioned is a gift that eludes many. Sadly our society has in the main a fear of death and anything related to it. I have set my myself the task to help as many grieving parents, in particular, know their children live on and are happy and healthy and as close as their breath away. The site presented was part of my mission of spreading knowledge to those who may not otherwise have known how many resources are available to them. Thank you again for your comment, and I can well empathise with you and your beloved Paul.


  2. What a lovely write up Karyn, The Idigitalmedium is great.. And Mr Bacci is like you say a true pioneer.
    I was a big part of the ITC Bridge from when it first begun, I think in 2006/7, and that forum is still open as a read only site now, but still great for people to read up on the thoughts of ITC and afterlife contact in generally. Thanks for sharing this.
    Take care, Lance


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