International Day of Peace

On this International Day of Peace, let us be reminded of speaking to each other kindly, thinking uplifting and kindly thoughts to ourselves and others.

Let us pause a moment in our hectic lives to pray for peace in our troubled world.  You do not need to be religious, just offer your peace to the world.

Find within yourself something to forgive yourself for; it may be something that you have done to yourself that was not wise, forgive that.  It may be something that you have done to others, forgive that.  It may be something someone has done to you, forgive that.  With forgiveness you have the chance to move forward leaving past baggage where it belongs – in the past. This will bring peace.

From forgiveness springs peace.  From peace, we can grow further in our lives and enrich the lives of others around us.

Will your thoughts of peace today be overriding and enveloping your words, thoughts and deeds?  Only  you can  make it so.

Will your prayer for world peace have any effect, yes it will, because in joining with others who also will be thinking, praying for world peace there will be change?  We may not see it, hear it or feel it, but we have the power to want it and will it.

Today let us practice compassion with out reservation, let us individually practice peace to all we meet, let it be our choice to do so.

Then, when you have filled the day, your mind, your thoughts, your statements, your actions with the peace you will know peace.

Happy International Peace Day to all.


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